Your Story

A few decades ago, you had what was considered all round as a very active life, with a full hand of work building and looking after your family. Your spouse too was very busy. Together you managed to birth and nurture a sizeable brood, who have each become very successful in their respective vocations and fields of activity.

Surreptitiously (it seemed), things started to slow down. Not because the world was slowing down; no, if anything, the pace of events around the world was quickening. It became clear rather quickly that you were the ones slowing down. The body seems these days to demand a reduced pace; more rest, even.

Perhaps this is what is called getting old? You are sure, but then, not so sure. All your children have grown up and left home. All but two of them are now abroad, in places so far away that even if there was no visa problem, the mere thought of going to visit them leaves both of you mentally and physically drained. And the children are all so busy with work and raising their own families that their visits and calls are increasingly few and infrequent these days.

For companionship, you still have your spouse, thankfully. Well, it’s probably more accurate to say “had”, as memory and other issues have so taken their toll that even simple things like reminiscing have now become difficult and usually present significant challenges.

Two of your children have been quietly suggesting that you both consider the option of living in the comfortable setting of a Senior Living residential facility; but you have been resisting the idea from the start, mainly because you believe that you are better off in your own familiar home surroundings. Plus, you are very sceptical that there could be any really good service of the kind in Nigeria and you definitely do not want to end up in a care home abroad.

If only these children know, if only they appreciate how lonely both of you are feeling these days! How very lonely, since most of your close friends have either passed away or have memory and other issues of their own.

If only your children knew. But they are so busy building their careers and families. And you really are too proud and independent to tell them. After all, who wants to be a burden on their children?

It would be so nice to have a place where either or both of you could move to.

A place around Lagos.

Where high quality care based on UK standards is being received by residents like you.

Partnering with you to add life to your years.

Where the various things causing you anxiety have been taken care of.

Where you can simply relax and enjoy your twilight years in peace, tranquillity and a measure of well-deserved luxury.

In the company of senior citizens like you. Cared for by highly trained, motivated and committed carers, with the human touch.

It would be so nice to move to such a place… Tap or click here for the possibilities.