Our Core Values

1. Our aspiration: Caring.

Our action: “We always do our best to feel with and for the elders in our care and never tire of alleviating their pains and worries.”

2. Our aspiration: Passion.

Our action: “We smile and display energy, attention, and enthusiasm at all times.”

3. Our aspiration: Respect.

Our action: “We use courteous language at all times and maintain eye contact when others are speaking.”

4. Our aspiration: Transparency.

Our action: “We make only honest and accurate statements about our services.”

5. Our aspiration: Integrity.

Our action: “We always follow through on our promises.”

6. Our aspiration: Quality.

Our action: “We will only provide services that are of the highest international standards.”

7. Our aspiration: Accountability.

Our action: “We never make excuses for our shortcomings or try to shift the blame to others.”