Our On-Boarding Process

We take our responsibilities to the elders entrusted us as well as their relatives extremely seriously. That is why we have a comprehensive on-boarding process for the various services that we provide.

Below is a summary of the process:

  • The process kicks off with the completion by the elder or their relative of an initial questionnaire. Please click or tap here for the form.
  • The completed questionnaire is emailed to us at care@atitoju.com.
  • After we review the completed questionnaire, we have detailed phone discussions with the elder and/or their relative and book a date/time for the full assessment. This can take place either in the elder’s own home (for home care service provision) or in our Luxury Living facility (for residential care provision).
  • Following the full assessment, we draw up a comprehensive care plan which is then discussed with both the elder and their relative(s).
  • Cost implications are also discussed and payment arrangements agreed.
  • Once the first agreed payment is confirmed received, a full medical examination with relevant tests is arranged.
  • Following the medicals, provision of the selected service commences after any emerging information from the medicals has been discussed with the elder and their relative(s).
  • There is a monthly review meeting/discussion with the elder’s relative(s) for the first three months, after which there are quarterly meetings, unless there are matters needing to be discussed more frequently.